Meditation Mala My Feminity 6 mm

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Originally a meditation aid, it is reminiscent of the Christian rosary. It is usually strung with 108 beads, with one special bead called Bindu added. The beads can be made of wood, stones or semi-precious stones. The beads are used to count out mantras in sequence, and some people use them to count out the breathing cycles - the counting helps to focus the mind and bring one closer to a meditative state. The mala, which is a spiritual tool for us, should always be carefully kept in its packaging and should never touch the ground, nor should it be lent to anyone.

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My Feminity

Onyx, Rhodonite, Crystal

To boost your feminine power and sensuality, reach for this onyx, rhodonite and crystal mala. The combination of these stones is distinctly feminine, encouraging spontaneity, creativity and vivacity. Combined with a sharp pink tassel, it becomes a true design piece.

Bead size: 6 mm

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