Cork Yoga Wheel
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Yoga Wheels are one of the most sophisticated yoga tools that will give your yoga practice a whole new dimension. Yoga Wheels are a fun way to get to know your body better. Discover new possibilities with YOGA WHEELS - a yoga tool to support and deepen your yoga practice.

Yoggspiration Yoga Wheels

Yoga Wheels are the latest and greatest yoga tool to hit the market. They are perfect for yoga enthusiasts who want to provide their practice with something fully unique and advanced. Yoga Wheels can help to instantly deepen stretching, aide in backbends, open up and strengthen the chest and shoulders, and bring you completely into the poses in ways you never thought possible. You can also use them to assist in rolling out sore or tight muscles and open up the spine and hip flexors, depending on the position that you find yourself in. They help to stretch the body in ways that regular yoga practice may not be able to reach and also challenge balance, stability, and strength while providing relief and support where necessary. The added benefit of a Yoga Wheel is the texture, which helps get a better grip and feel on the body while performing yoga positions. Yoga Wheels are a great tool to accompany you on your yoga journey and give you the versatility to explore all kinds of poses, stretches, and levels of intensity. So if you're looking for something to take your practice to the next level, yoga wheels are the perfect choice for you!

Get to Know Your Body Better with Yoga Wheels

Yoga wheels are quickly becoming a popular tool in the yoga community, and it’s no wonder why! Not only are they fun to use, but they can help you to get to know your body better. With the right wheel, you'll be able to use it to help you to open your chest, hips, and back and practice more advanced postures safely and comfortably. Maybe you want to perfect an advanced backbend or even take your practice up a notch; yoga wheels are the perfect way to explore advanced poses safely and with grace. The wheel allows you to move through postures and range of motion safely, and will help increase your balance, flexibility and strength. While it’s always beneficial to have a teacher guiding you through movements, the wheel can help to guide you in your practice and even provide a much needed self massage! For anyone looking to make the most of their practice and deepen their understand of their body, yoga wheels are an invaluable tool.

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